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Jackie Jakab, Attorney
By Jackie Jakab, Attorney
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Atticus offers free legal advice to patients applying for disability benefits. Our team of caring experts will help them evaluate their case, navigate the legal process, and find the right lawyer to represent them (if they need one).

How disability benefits work (and how they can help your patients)

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) helps more than 10 million Americans that are too sick or injured to work. If your patient qualifies, they’ll receive a monthly check (usually between $1,000 and $3,000) and free Medicare. There’s no downside to receiving SSDI, and there’s no cost to apply.

Atticus helps patients…

  1. Assess their case. When your patient calls Atticus, we’ll help them understand the disability benefits application process and which programs they may qualify for.
  2. Get trusted legal advice: Based on their case details, we’ll give your patient legal advice and tell them if a legal representative would help their case.
  3. Find a legal representative: If your patient needs one, we’ll find them a law firm that’s a good fit for their case. Legal representatives don’t charge up front and they only get paid if they win your patient’s case.

How Atticus works with medical professionals

Atticus works with social workers, case managers, doctors and nurses (at hospitals like USC Keck and Cedars Sinai). We’re a completely free resource for real-time answers on disability benefits. As an Atticus partner, you’ll receive:

  • A dedicated team of Atticus legal specialists ready to support your patients
  • Resources for your patients on the disability benefits application process
  • Free trainings for your team on disability benefits and other relevant fields of law

What patients have said about us

"I absolutely love how caring the customer service team at Atticus is. I have, like many disabled Americans, tried to navigate the disability system on my own, only to come up empty and frustrated. This is the first advocacy company that had been recommended to me by my care team and PCP and they just have been on top of everything, from making sure that they knew what was going on with me, to reminding me to get in touch with my legal team once they found one (which was within about 24 hours of my having signed up with them) and even congratulating me on starting the paperwork process. Honestly, they streamlined everything and seem to really care about the marginalized that are forgotten or demonized by almost every other aspect of our society. Thank you so much.” - Amber R.

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Jackie Jakab, Attorney
Jackie Jakab, Attorney